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Easter 2018

As this is written, Easter has just been celebrated, and we are now in the church period where we celebrate the risen Christ.

It may be that this has passed you by, or perhaps, it has never felt relevant for you.

Regardless of who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, we are never beyond the reach of the risen Christ Jesus.

Let’s be honest – life can be so cruel, and can leave us stunned through all manner of experiences. Perhaps you have lost a loved one, recently or many years ago – It matters not the time since it occurred, but more who this was and what they meant to us. The void that can be left in our lives might seem unbearable at times, and we might search for all manner of solutions – shopping, sex, alcohol or drugs etc, or we might become bitter or unlikeable – easier to keep others at reach rather than show our true selves and our weaknesses eh! Yet this void just seems to grow bigger and bigger, and it just cannot be filled by the world.

Enter the Risen Christ ! Jesus, who has defeated the death of all who have gone before. Death cannot hold him, and He has made a way for us and those that have gone before us, and those that will follow us, to be with God.

Of course this seems so illogical – if you try to work it out you’ll enter a never-ending conundrum… That’s why our response instead is towards one of faith. Simply receive and believe. Truly, it’s as simple as that.

Of course how we live that out is not as simple, and truly, that’s why church exists. To help those on this same journey.

If you have never been to church, perhaps you believe what others say that it should be the place where these nice people are nice to you… but actually no-one ever said that church is a nice place for nice people… instead…

It’s a community of people on this same journey of working out how to do life with all the twists and turns that it throws at us.

It’s a community of those who have messed up and will mess up again…

It’s a community of people who can be nice or actually can be pretty horrid…

It’s a community of people who care, and of people who cannot care because they have too much of their own troubles to carry others too.

Yet it’s also a community where the welcome is to all, regardless.

It doesn’t guarantee a warm welcome when you walk through the door, but rather, on the good days, points to a welcome from the creator of all heaven and earth.

On the bad days, it’s perhaps a place of sneering, uncaring, uncharitable, heartless people… and yet, just occasionally, heaven breaks in, and puts it all in context.

When we think we have life “worked out”, and we don’t like what we see, then church can help us to peek into another place, beyond the limitations of now, to a future possibility…

So accept what you have, or don’t – it’s up to you, but if you wanted to come along and give church a try, then do. Some may welcome you, some may not talk to you. If you only visit once, you probably won’t find all you hope for, but you might have a taste of something beyond what you’ve ever experienced…

We’ll try to give you a welcome if we’re up to it – some will be… hopefully !

2018 and beyond…

It has been a long time since our latest update…

Life moves at a fast pace at times…

Perhaps you’d like to join with us for the church service at times through the year. 10am until 11am.

We always offer a friendly welcome, hopefully a thought provoking service, followed by a refreshing drink together.

Simplicity is often under valued and friendships bring a whole new meaning and purpose.

So do join us, whether regularly or occasionally… we’d love to meet you !

Look out for details of other activities taking place too, including the groups that run here and the upcoming coffee morning on Friday February 2nd (10.30 til 12.00).

Perhaps you’d like to connect with our Facebook page that updates a little more regularly than the website. Simply search for Lentons Lane Baptist Church.

Blessings for 2018 to you and those around you.


What a year…!

Well… 2016 will go down long in our memories as a year that was full of surprises…

First Brexit…
Then Trump…
A vast number of celebrities who have died – many seemingly so young !

For the church, it was a year of celebration as it was the 200th anniversary of the church in the area. We held a great week of mission, culminating in a church service with a difference, and of course… cake !

As the year draws to a close, with the good and not so good running around our minds, it is good and wise to reflect…

Click here to discover the range of Christmas services and gatherings that we are having together…

You would always be welcome to these…

Whether seeker or worshiper…

Whether skeptic or believer…

Alone or with others…

Come !

Christmas Fair 2016

christmas-fair-leaflet-1116Thank you to all who supported the Christmas Fair this year – it was a tremendous gathering filled with joy and laughter… So much work went in to the event by various folk and we are really grateful for this.

Thank you to all who came… we raised over £600 through the day, although this was secondary to the actual joy of simply joining together as community as we look forwards to this coming Christmas..

Thank You !

We will remember them…

We recently joined together with members of the community and Longford Baptist Church here at Lentons Lane BC to commemorate remembrance day.
This was a wonderful service, that had such poignancy and reflection upon the events of the 2 world wars and subsequent wars and turmoil throughout the world.  We held a 2 minutes silence at exactly 11.00am to remember those that have died or were maimed in conflict and service. We also sought to honour the strive for peace in a very confused world.

les-longford-medalsOne particular poignant aspect was that Les, shown here, wore his medals in public for the very first time… as he spoke, he suggested that there is no honour in war, and he simply wore these medals to remember those friends who never returned home.


Once again, through Harvest we celebrated the gifts that pour into our lives and that we so easily take for granted… It is so important to be reflective people who can see the hand of God moving in our lives. Blessings in abundance !

Who you gonna call…?

At times we receive calls for help for the more unusual situations…
Recently Rev Matt Jeffrey, the Minister, was called by a family to help as they felt there were strange and spooky goings on at the home…. Matt willingly offered to go to listen to the family, to pray and to bless the family and the house… If you feel that you would appreciate something similar, please do get in touch…


At the church we held a Mexican night to help Jack, a 15 year old student at Grace Academy, Coventry, to get to Mexico to help build a house for the homeless. This was a fantastic night of fun, with Mexican foods, music and an auction to boot. Thank you to all those who made it for the night and supported Jack – He raised a tremendous amount towards his target, and is looking forward to flying out to make a difference very soon… Ariba !

Business as usual…?

Easter has passed, and it’s very easy to forget it and move on into our regular lives…

And yet, the truth of Easter is a life changing experience

Normal rules no longer apply – Jesus is Alive !

As a church we are reflecting on this, and sensing a move of God in a new way.

This Sunday we shall be considering how we best might share our faith… not in a shouty, listen to me, type of approach, but rather… how might we understand that God is interested in us, in our lives, in our day by day… and help others to see this too…?

Why not join with us as we explore this together…

It might change your life in ways you never dreamed possible…

Oh… and look out for the sofa (!?)



Easter Sunday (and a Baptism!)

He is Risen…. He is Risen indeed… Hallelujah !

Easter Day 1

So the church called out together… What a celebration !
We joined together on this Easter Day, (with the mouths of the children somewhat smeared in chocolate)… and what a celebration it truly was.

On this day, we sang with our hearts in worship to Jesus who by his resurrection had bought new life for all humanity.

AB 2 AB 3

To underline the joy, we also shared together in the joy of a Baptism for Anita – the first here at the church for nearly 40 years.

AB 4

Anita made her promises to God, before telling her journey of how she made the decision to be baptised.  In the depths of the baptistry she was fully immersed under the water, before emerging to a new life with Jesus, and a promise of the Holy Spirit moving powerfully in her life.

It was so good to welcome her family and friends to join in with this, and for us all to consider our own path of God in our lives…
We hope that it might be less than 40 years until our next celebration of Baptism together… How about you?

Good Friday

In  the peace and tranquility of our church space we joined together to follow the path of Jesus to the cross.  This was a solemn occasion, and touched our hearts very greatly. We considered together the different stations (or scenes) that evoked a wide variety of emotions and experiences for all who attended.
GF 1

Possibly the most challenging aspect of the night was considering the perspective of Mary, as Jesus mother, as she witnessed her son being taken to the cross despite his innocence.

The fullness and magnitude of the sacrifice is brought very much before us, helping us to connect deeply and in new ways with God… Very moving !

Maundy Thursday Agape Meal

On Maundy Thursday, as in previous years, we joined together with folks from other fellowships in the area here at the church to share a meal together and consider the Last Supper where Jesus first instituted the tradition of Communion.

MT 1

A tremendous time was had together, through the meal, the conversations and the sharing of Communion.

MT 2 MT 4

We spent some of the evening in groups sharing about places of joy in our lives, and asking one another for prayer. It was so good to see the heartfelt connections made in such a short space of time, and the joy of being listened to and prayed for…

MT 3 MT 5

It was also very poignant for us to consider that journey that Jesus would make for all of humankind following his arrest.

What an Easter Fair!

Well, the Easter Fair this year has come and gone, but it certainly will live long in the memory for us all…

EF 1

It was a resounding success with £585 raised, but most importantly around 80 to 100 people joining in with the fun and the excitement…

EF 2 EF 3

With the variety of stalls and fun to be had, the refreshments etc, it really was such a good time together.

EF 4 EF 5

Thank you to all who helped to organise this – many involved in various different aspects, but we will single (or double) out both Bett and Roy who worked tirelessly to organise this for everyone’s enjoyment… Thank you both.

Easter Fair
Saturday 12th March 2016
Easter flyer 0316

Join with us on Saturday 12th March from 10am until 1pm for Easter fun…
Featuring crafts and games, Easter refreshments, book stalls and the lucky dip…

Fun for all the family and free entry too.

29th February 2016 – Project Ecuador

Yesterday at the church, we were treated to a great visit by Maryon, one of the hard working volunteers with the Christian charity “Project Ecuador”. This has developed to support the work of Maryon’s daughter Andrea, a GP, who works along with her husband in Ecuador to bring a whole range of support, such as healthcare, education and practical assistance to a very needy area.

Maryon PE 0216

Maryon informed us of the more recent updates, and inspired us with the breadth of work that is taking place by Andrea and co.

There is an opportunity to sponsor a child through their education for just £100 per year, for which regular updates will be given. If you are financially able, we commend this to you as a fantastic means of direct support to a child in need, and a life changing opportunity for them to get a good education, thereby changing future possibilities for that child and any family that they might have as they grow into adulthood.

For more information, updates, inspiring stories or contact, simply visit and please do help where you can.

February 2016 – New Banners ordered…

What do you think of this lovely lot…?

Soon to be received and located on the church to help people know more of what’s going on…We think that they look great…!!

29th January 2016

It’s amazing just how quickly the site can feel dated. Apologies for the lack of updates here.

Well, as 2016 is now upon us, we have great news.

For the first time in more than 40 years (yes…forty)… we are looking forward to a baptism taking place here at the church.  On Easter Day (March 27th 2016) we will be filling the baptistry and entering the water. This is a huge event for us, and we are very excited for the individual and the church…

The buildings team are working hard to overhaul the baptistry as it has fallen into disrepair, but they remain confident that come the day, all will be well.  If you have never seen the baptistry, it is basically a large deep bath, built into the floor of the church that is usually covered over and opened up when needed. As it has been some time, the spiders have been rehoused, and the surfaces are being made watertight… no leaks here!


Here is an example of a baptistry… Ours doesn’t look like this…yet !

If you would like to come and see this occur,you’d be VERY welcome. It is a public event with much joy as the candidate publically states their love for Jesus.

It is often an emotional time. As Minister I have had the privilege of baptising many over the years and they remain special moments of life for those taking part and those joining in with the celebrations.

So, come along… please. .. It promises to be a very special time indeed.

4th February 2015

We now have a new Sermons page, where you can listen to the talks given each week (where the recordings have been taken)… Why not click the page above and have a listen…


Christmas 2014

So, what were we up to through Christmas…

We had a toy collection for Coventry City Mission’s toy appeal… (thanks to all those who gave so generously to help local children and families!)

Toy appeal 2014

We enjoyed a church Christmas buffet together… (Yum !)

Church Christmas buffet 2014

We welcomed the community together for Brass Band Carols with Mulled wine and warm mince pies…

Christmas carol concert 1214

We had our Carols service on Sunday 21st December where together we sang traditional Carols and heard readings from the Bible telling us of Jesus birth…

We met together on Christmas morning to celebrate.  This was a lovely service where we sang and prayed together, and also were able to thank all those through the year who had helped the church, especially Sheila, Les and Ron who served as Deacons… They do SO much, often behind the scenes, to help the church, and this is greatly appreciated… (As a church, we gave them chocolates as a small gesture of our thanks).


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